Alberts Horse Sanctuary 

charity number 1114287

Alberts Horse              Sanctuary

A home for horses , sheep, pigs, goats, cats, hens and ducks.

Welcome To Our Home

Home Is Where The Heart Is 

Many of us at Alberts Horse Sanctuary came as we were unwanted , retired and for some of us it meant we stayed alive.

We came to this beautiful , peaceful land in Cawthorne where we all knew we were safe and all made friends straight away.

We are now at a home where we are so loved and wanted and where we can live out our days with our friends.

My name is Trinkett and I am 28 years old and my favourite treats are NAF minty treats and apples if you would like to adopt me to recieve weekly pictures and videos please go to Adoptions.

About us

Ways You Can Help

£ 1 .50 ...Will buy one sack of carrots to feed amongst our animals at the sanctuary as a treat.

£3.59 ....Will buy 1 packet of NAF Minty Treats for our horses which are their favourite treats.

£15.00 ...Will buy one wormer to worm one of the horses to keep them safe from worms.

£17.99...Will buy a small tub of Glucosamine supplement which we feed to oldies Fergus and Trinkett

£22.49 ...will buy a tub of Equine America Ventilator supplement for our old boy Fergus who is 29 who suffers from COPD.

£30.00 ...Will buy 1 large bale of haylage towards the 150 bales we use each year.

We also accept food donations for our pigs they love...bananas, tomatoes, apples and melons .

Thank you