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The Story Of How Alberts Horse Sanctuary Began.

When I was young I used to always drive past these horses in a field not far from where I live, and I always said when I was older I will rescue them and many more and give them a good home, but when your young you don't realise how fast animals can change hands or how much it actually is to keep a horse you just have a dream and you think anything is possible. Then at 15 when I left school when we had horses of our own my dream came true, which ended up being all of our dreams. So in 2005 we Founded Alberts Horse Sanctuary .

As soon as the news went out that a new sanctuary had opened in yorkshire we were flooded with calls and horses arriving at our gate and from the first horse we took in we have never looked back , yes there was numerous times we couldn't say no , if we couldn't take the animals the owners would say they were going to have have them put to sleep so your heart says yes and yes and we now really need your help to keep them. It's really hard work but without us there would be a lot of animals not here today and knowing that weve made these animals happy is what will always keep us going. we now have in our care over 50 animals this includes horses, sheep, pigs, goats, cats, hens and ducks.